Deck The Prowlers

My family is together for the holidays enjoying 80 degree weather back home, while I’m left to brave the Las Vegas climate, which despite being in the desert, grows curiously colder each year. Christmas time on the island is not very different from traditional stateside Christmases, though it’s recently become apparent some customs haven’t quite translated:

The other night my aunt-slash-neighbor called my parents in a panic. She had just seen a pick-up truck driving around our backyard, its trunk bed full of people carrying flashlights. This caused quite a bit of alarm as my dad’s lawn mower was stolen just the week before. My brothers and other relatives wasted no time in surveilling the family grounds. The group was still mid-patrol when they ran into my cousin Rick, who managed to enlighten his formidable audience in no time. Thus was solved the case of The Flashlight-Wielding Pick-up Truck People, otherwise know in the States as carolers.


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